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Hi, guys:  You may remember that I was a vendor in this past weekend’s Wedding Expo in Albuquerque.

I wanted to let you know that the expo was very professional.  I really enjoyed being part of it and feel that is was a very positive experience for the attendees and my company.  It is a great and much needed venue and I hope that you continue to have it each year.

Paradise Confections LLCI also hope that I will remain on your list to be contacted so that Paradise Confections can attend each year.  I feel that we were able to assist any new wedding customers and presented some new or unique ideas.

I wanted to Thank You for the excellent staff and information that you had on hand also.  Well Done!

There was a professional photographer at the event, I believe from Pride Guide, who took pictures of all the booths.  I was wondering if I can get a picture of my booth, Paradise Confections LLC to keep.  If so, an email picture file format would be much appreciated.

Please let us know if any other events that you may need vendors for.  We may also be able to assist in the future.

— Regina Robertson

Paradise Confections LLC


Bolin Eventsicon_quoteThank all of you at the Pride Guide New Mexico for all your expertise and heartfelt organization to make this year a success for many of us Vendors.  Being an event planner myself, I was truly impressed with the staff ‘s organization and set up of the event.  I enjoyed meeting everyone that played a role in representing The Pride Guide.icon_endquote

— Linda Murillo

Bolin Events


icon_quoteThe event was well organized and well received.  Thanks for your hard work for our community!  Enjoyed the Wedding Expo!  Never thought I would see the day!icon_endquote

— Rev. Judith L. Maynard

Senior Pastor

Metropolitan Community Church of Albuquerque