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Reminder! June 4-7 LGBTQ Retreat at Lama Foundation



LGBTQ Retreat at Lama Foundation

Lama Foundation

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Our LGBTQ Coordinator

Rachel Halder is a queer humanist Mennonite activist, a resident of Lama Foundation, and an advocate for those who have experienced exclusion from Christian churches because of sexualized violence and queer identity. See www.OurStoriesUntold.com for more information. She envisions a collaborative retreat designed and shaped by the participants, and co-lead by other teachers.

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Inviting In, an LGBTQ Retreat

June 4-7, Cost $195-$300*, sliding scale
Welcoming people from all walks of life, spiritual paths, religions, and gender identifications, this retreat is a time for relaxation, rejuvenation and renewed relationship with Spirit. Recognizing that queer identified persons can be excluded from religious groups, while also recognizing the sometimes lack of spiritual spaces within queer communities, this retreat is a time to bridge both the pain and the joy of being uniquely you – a time to re-meet your soul in the beauty of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

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*We have some funds available for youth scholarship for this retreat. Write rachel@lamafoundation.org to apply. We also welcome your donations to this fund.



A word from the Event Coordinator

It’s taken me over 10 years to really embrace my sexuality. Though I always had an open mind around queer identification and my own experiences with it, it wasn’t until I moved to Lama Foundation in 2013 that I actually grew into complete acceptance and acknowledgement that gender is “a beautiful sphere of limitless possibilities, floating independently, intersecting and continuously generating,” as one of my friends once said. One thing I noticed through my discovery process was how queer groups are rather skeptical and hold an aversion to spiritual groups, for good reasons. My desire is to bridge the gap between spirituality and queer identification, to have open and inviting spaces in which people can acknowledge the Divine presence within themselves, which is why I’m so excited to create that space here at Lama Foundation this summer. I hope you join me in creating a beautiful and welcoming space for all people, embracing our gender and sexual preferences as reflections of the Divine.

– Rachel Halder

Let’s Make this a Powerful Event of Inclusion

Many LGBTQ folks crave spiritual community, but don’t know where to turn. Let’s help them. Please share this email with your friends and queer community. You can also print the flyer and post it on bulletin boards.

Thank You

2015 Summer Brochure

The full 2015 summer brochure, including Inviting In, an LGBTQ Retreat can be found here.

Photo courtesy of Zipporah Lomax.


Women’s Meditative Carpentry Workshop

We will be using milled lumber to build an outhouse above a composting toilet. Learn to use various hand and electric tools, including hammers, saws, drills, planes, rasps, table saw, and compound miter saw. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the design of composting toilets and the Lama Foundation practice of mindfulness and carpentry. Most of the workshop will be held in silence. All skill levels are welcome. Limited to 4 participants. Led by Shay Salomon (www.shaysalomon.com).

Click here for more info.

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